Golden Probe Awards

Let the games begin. 


About WCUME 2017

In October 2017, the World Congress of Ultrasound in Medical Education (WCUME) will be making its Canadian debut in Montreal, Quebec. The WCUME consistently draws international leaders in ultrasound education, providing an excellent opportunity to hone your sonographic skills, learn about innovative research, and network with residents and physicians from a multitude of specialties.

Why attend WCUME 2017?

Your university is building its ultrasound curriculum? You want hands-on practice? You’d like to hear all about hot topics in point-of-care ultrasound? Look no further! WCUME2017 is for you.

  • If you are a PHYSICIAN you will especially appreciate the practical and hands-on program features taught by international and national leaders.
  • If you are a TEACHER you will especially appreciate collaborating with peers and exploring innovative teaching tools.
  • If you are a RESIDENT or STUDENT you will especially appreciate presenting your latest and greatest research at oral and poster sessions, as well as all the learning and networking opportunities.

And the probe goes to...

We are proud to announce the first ever World Congress Ultrasound in Medical Education Golden Probe Awards! This is the first of its kind with the goal to recognize the enthusiasm and creativity of individuals in the realm of point of care ultrasound education. We also hope to use this contest to promote point of care ultrasound and its increasing utility to both medical education and patient care.

We want to see your best and most creative point of care ultrasound clips!

The process is simple, you can join the competition for a Golden Probe Award for free by submitting the form below. You can apply to one, two, or all three of our categories. You must submit a unique ultrasound clip for each category that you apply. Only individuals who are attending the WCUME 2017 Conference will be eligible for a prize, however any ultrasound enthusiast is welcome to contribute ultrasound clips which will be stored in the POCUS Atlas Library and shared freely for educational purposes. 

Winner Selection: The initial round of clip selections will be made by a group of experts in point-of-care ultrasound. Finalists will then displayed during WCUME 2017 via Twitter, using the hashtag #WCUME17GPA, and winners will be selected based on popular vote.

Grand Prize: The winner of the Best POCUS Clip will receive free registration to WCUME 2018! We have exciting prizes to offer for the other winners and will be updating you on the specifics once they are finalized.

Submission Deadline: October 12th, 2017, 6 PM EST

The Categories

1. Best POCUS Clip

We want to recognize the best of the best ultrasound (US) clip that you personally obtained. All types of point of care ultrasound applications will be accepted however the focus of the image must be with relation to a pathologic process (i.e. not normal anatomy). US clips will be judged on image quality (i.e. ability to distinguish structures, gain, depth), technique (i.e. proper view and probe position), and uniqueness of pathology.

2. Best Novel Indication of POCUS

The indications for POCUS continue to expand along with growing research in novel areas of ultrasound. We want to highlight this innovation and recognize the US clip demonstrating a novel indication for POCUS. US clips will be judged on image quality, technique and novel use as determined by judges.

3. Most Creative Caption

We want to make this contest educational but also fun. For that reason, for our last category, we want to focus on your creative words and thoughts. This is for those of you who wanted to be a comic writer as a child. Send us an interesting ultrasound clip, and include your wittiest commentary. US clips must be good quality, however this category will be mostly judged on your caption.

Submit Your Clip