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Our Mission

The breadth of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) continues to expand as a result of extensive research efforts and novel applications of its use. Within the field of emergency medicine and throughout other specialties, the utility of POCUS has become realized. In a collaborative effort, our goal is to highlight the use of ultrasound around the world, focusing on rare, exotic and perfectly captured ultrasound images. Our project will result in production of The POCUS ATLAS, a free peer-reviewed online ultrasound clip archive which will be available to be shared and used for global ultrasound education.



How To Contribute

We want you to help us out! We are looking for ultrasound images & clips highlighting quality image acquisition and novel application of POCUS. We welcome your creativity.  

Keep Up With Us

Our project will continue to evolve over time and we want to keep you updated. Follow our blog to know what is going on and see all the latest and greatest.

More About Us

Our team is made up of a top-notch group of ultrasound enthusiasts and experts. We will be working together to help curate the final product from this collaborative project. 

The Library

Feel free to browse our library and use the images as you please. The more images you contribute, the more our archive will grow.