We are open for submissions to THE POCUS ATLAS, a crowd-sourced collaboration with the goal of building an online archive of ultrasound pathology and (eventually) an ebook to be shared with the worldOur team is looking forward to seeing the incredible images that the online ultrasound community has to offer! Currently, there is no restriction on what type of ultrasound image/clip is accepted (i.e. cardiac, biliary, ocular, etc.); however as we begin to accumulate images, we may focus more on a particular application that is lacking attention. We will keep the community updated through our blog and email newsletter.

Thank you all for being an important part of this awesome ultrasound project.


Mike, Matt, Casey & Jacob


Submission Step-By-Step

1. Find an ultrasound clip or image

  • Image should be related to a pathological ultrasound finding or a novel use of ultrasound
  • Image or clip annotation (i.e. text or color overlay) is acceptable, and in some cases encouraged, however a blank image should be included with submission as well
  • Maximum image or clip resolution should be maintained
  • Clip length should be a maximum of 6 seconds
  • Images should be saved as .jpeg and clips should be saved as .mp4 format
  • Image should be de-identified 

2. Develop a caption

  • The caption should be no more than 100 words. We want you to use your creativity in your caption. The caption may include but is not limited to:
    • A description of the image findings
    • Telling a story about how obtaining the ultrasound image helped/changed management
    • Providing a learning point for the image
  • The caption should be saved as a .docx or .pages format

3. Submission

  • Submissions should be sent to thepocusatlas@gmail.com with images and caption documents attached
  • Your full name and credentials should be included (i.e John Doe, Physician Assistant or Alexis Jones, Emergency Medicine Physician)

The Review Process

  • Our team will review the images once every month to determine which submissions will be included in (1) our ebook or (2) placed in our archive and displayed on the website. Either way we will contact you to let you know.
  • By submitting your image, you are agreeing to allow us to use your image freely.
  • You will be provided with credit for your image wherever it will be displayed.

We are super excited to see what you have to submit to us! Feel free to reach out to us at thepocusatlas@gmail.com with any questions.