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The Evidence Atlas for Point of Care Ultrasound - POCUS - Testing and operating Characteristics organized key clinical application and indication.

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What is the Evidence Atlas?

Our objective is to provide you with the evidence behind the most commonly utilized and accepted POCUS applications. To provide "best evidence" we started with systematic reviews and a few key papers. Our team critically appraised each paper to ensure they were very clear on the ultrasound findings and it's relationship to the gold standard. Finally, we created infographics showcasing the test characteristics (sensitivity, specificity, positive & negative likelihood ratios) for each core POCUS indication.

This resource should be a starting point to study the literature. We encourage you to read and critically appraise the literature yourself. Direct links to our sources have been provided to help you do so.  We also encourage you to visit our partner #FOAMEd sites for a deeper dive into these topics. We have provided links to our partners where applicable. 

Finally, we believe POCUS is a disruptive technology leading a paradigm shift that blurs the lines between physical exam and diagnostic test. This is one of the best features of POCUS. As such, many of the most interesting cases in our atlas have never been studied. This ambiguity leads to opportunity and we hope you will fill in the gaps. -Matt Riscinti, MD


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Evidence Atlas Editors: Dr. Matthew Riscinti, Dr. Michael Macias, Dr. Garrett Ghent, Dr. Kyle Kelson, Dr. Roshanak Benabbas, & Dr. John F Kilpatrick